At Myland, the preschool education stage is characterized by warmth and closeness. The connection with the teachers is important, as the free exploration of the surroundings and the relationship among peers. For us, one of the main aspects of this preschool stage is adaptation. It has been proven that, without security, there is no learning. For a student to feel at ease at our school, we need to generate trust and to create a safe emotional bond or attachment. As a result, the adaptation process at Myland is essential and is managed by the teachers and arranged with the families.

The distribution of the classroom, its environment, resembling a home, and the material, generate a nice environment for infant development. We thoroughly plan our classrooms to achieve this environment for our children.

The particularly work on routines, limits, and rules, as they will set the bases for any later work. We encourage personal independence and particularly pay attention to the movement needs of our children, allowing them multiple indoor and outdoor activities.

CAs regards our curriculum, we work by creating activities which generate interest and get our students closer to the world of letters and numbers, combining this with motor and rhythmic activities. The use of songs, rhymes, and tales are part of the day to day activities in our preschool classroom.

We know that, in this stage, the development of their self-concept and self-image begin to generate, and therefore, we integrate activities to promote these key elements.

Timetable, Organization of the Morning, and Routines

The opening hours for preschool education are the same as for the rest of stages, i.e., 9:00 to 14:00h. This is flexible to meet the different family needs and the biorhythm of each child.